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MedPharmPlast Europe is a sector group of EuPC, created in 2014 by and for companies involved in the entire supply chain of plastic medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging in Europe

Press Release - MedPharmPlast Europe - First official workshop held on the 5th of June 2014

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

During the EuPC Annual meeting 40+ delegates from all over Europe attended MedPharmPlast Europe first official workshop.

MedPharmPlast Europe represents the whole value chain in the production of plastics medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging. As an expert group with other trade bodies MedPharmPlast Europe represents the interests of the industry to the European legislators to try to arrive at regulations that are both workable and protect the patient.

The main goals and purposes of this new sector group of EuPC were presented during this first workshop to companies involved in this business. Steve Duckworth, Vice President of MedPharmPlast Europe, gave speakers the opportunity to explain the challenges faced by the plastics medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging business. Important regulatory issues as well as innovation perspectives were presented. A raw material supplier and a converter explained from their perspective the importance of good communication throughout the whole value chain. The communication progress and activities were presented and the website was officially launched the same day:

Several companies have already expressed their intention to join the group in order to create a strong force to work together and defend the interests of the industry.


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